Live Webinar: Dealing with Rising Racism and Xenophobia

The Opinionators

The Opinionators is a Social Club formed by student organization. The main objective of this club is to perceive opinion of various group of students and to inculcate the sense of debate in the society with the thinking that we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. The motive of this club is to develop soft skills and personality development among students and building rational thinking among the youth of this country without any coaching and hesitation and without paying any huge fee. The Opinionators bring out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves in Team The Opinionators.

We hold informative live sessions,highlydescriptive and interactive webinars, parliamentary debates and many more with prominent personalities and qualified panelists in an environment as beautiful and professional as Evergreen Resort at Stone Mountain.

Some important agendas like ‘Child Rights and Why they matter’,‘Feminism’, ‘Personality Developmemt’ etc have been successfully discussed in our various events inculcating deep insight of these significant agendas in young minds by the supervision of experienced panelists.


Team The Opinionators has the perfect plan to make August 23 evening highly informative as well as enjoyable for everyone. Yes, we, The Opinionators are organising a very acknowledgeable Live Webinar at 4 pm on August 23 with Mr. Sumit Chander as the guest speaker having an insightful discussion on “Dealing With Rising Racism and Xenophobia”.

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