Current Affairs 22 July

Federal appeals court rules Amazon ‘last mile’ drivers exempt from Federal Arbitration Act

On Friday, the First Circuit Court of the US Court of Appeals ruled that Amazon’s “last mile” delivery drivers are exempted from the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) because they are engaged in interstate commerce. It is observed that Section 1 of the FAA provides an exemption to contracts of employment of seamen, railroad employees, or any other class of workers engaged in foreign or interstate commerce. A unanimous three-judge with the opinion written by Judge Lipez of the First Circuit disagreed with Amazon’s interpretation of the law, pointing out a series of railway cases and other precedents to conclude that workers do not have to cross state lines to claim the Arbitration Act carve-out.

COVID-19: Calcutta HC to remain closed on July 20-22 & on July 24

The Honourable Calcutta High Court has announced, through notification no. 1947-RG, that it shall remain closed from July 20 (Monday) till July 22 (Wednesday) and on July 24 (Friday) with regard to the Covid19 situation in the state. All the judicial and administrative works of the Calcutta High Court shall remain suspended during the said period. The current order issued is in continuation of the earlier notification No. 1928-RG dated July 9 followed by notification no. 1946-RG dated July 13 due to COVID19, through which the judicial and administrative works at the High Court were suspended from July 10 to July 13.

Tell victims about the acquittal of accused: HC to trial courts

On 17th July, the Bombay High Court directed all trial courts to tell victims about their acquittal so that the victims can efficiently use his or her right to appeal against the judgment of the trial in time. Trial Courts directed the District Magistrate’s office to ensure that a copy of the decision of the criminal trial is provided to the victim whenever the result is for acquittal. This comes after the bench of Justice SS Shinde and Justice VG Nighthighlighted the significance of notifying the victims about their acquittal in time and also observing and experiences cases where victims are not well educated and lack awareness about the procedure of the proceedings of the trial.

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