Current Affairs 9 July

  • Main Vikas Dubey hun, Kanpur wala: UP gangster screamed his name before arrest from Ujjain temple

Gangster Vikas Dubey, wanted in the killing of eight policemen in Kanpur, was arrested from a temple in Ujjain on Thursday morning. High drama unfolded at the Mahakal temple after the wanted gangster, who had been absconding for nearly a week after the ambush on a police party in his village, was arrested from Ujjain. “Main Vikas Dubey hun, Kanpur wala (I am Vikas Dubey from Kanpur],” screamed the Uttar Pradesh gangster. Vikas Dubey escaped from his hideout in Faridabad on Wednesday where police caught three of his accomplices. Vikas Dubey could be later handed over to the Uttar Pradesh Police later once a court approves a transit remand. After the Ujjain local court gives the police a transit remand, Vikas will be taken to Kanpur.

  • US lawmakers seek probe into efforts made by Chinese govt to exploit coronavirus pandemic

A group of 14 US lawmakers have introduced a bill in the Congress which demands the government to identify, analyse and combat alleged efforts made by the Chinese government to exploit the Covid-19 pandemic for nationalistic gains. It also asks the DNI to provide policymakers with information they need to address and counter Chinese actions, when necessary, and report its findings to the Congress. “Since Covid-19 began, there is evidence that China is at work using the pandemic crisis against Americans through cyber-theft and the spread of misinformation,” said Golden. “We need to fully understand these threats and respond to them. We’re introducing the ‘Preventing China from Exploiting Covid-19 Act’ to gather and analyse important intelligence our country needs to protect American people and businesses,” Golden said.

  • Canada’s Trudeau has exposed China’s attempt at hostage diplomacy

The bitter recriminations have further plunged the ongoing acrimonious relations between Canada and China to new low. Limiting ties with China, Canada suspended the extradition treaty with Hong Kong. The Canadian decision was prompted by the new security law Beijing imposed on Hong Kong in violation of its international treaty. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday said “effective immediately, Canada will not permit the export of sensitive military items to Hong Kong”. Canada would also assume that all sensitive goods exported to Hong Kong are meant for mainland China, he added further. The Canadian foreign minister termed the new law “a significant step back” for liberty.

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