The Legal Intelligence is organizing an All India Students Speech Competition to get over your boredom during this lockdown .

Topic : How Covid19 pandemic is affecting our Education system.

Eligibility: Any enrolled student of school or college is eligible to participate.

Registration fees : Rs. 30/-

Language: English, Hindi

Stages in this Contest:-

Stage 1:All the participants will have to send a 2-minute video on the topic given ,to our e-mail id after registration and fees submission. The top 10 participates from each category (Hindi and English)will be shortlisted for the next round (may vary depending on the participants).

Stage 2:The next round will be an online polling round where the video of selected participants will be uploaded on our Instagram handle and our Facebook page and the most popular ones will be the winner.


  • Note : All the participants will get a digital certificate
  • 1st prize – Rs. 200/- + Excellence Certificate.
  • 2nd prize – Rs. 150/- + Excellence Certificate.
  • 3rd prize – Rs. 100/- + Excellence Certificate.
  • Top 5 will get merit certificate.

Rules and Regulations:-

  • Participants should stick to the time limit that is two minutes .Extra 20 seconds are allowed for the introduction. So the video should not be longer than 2.20 minutes.
  • Participants are requested to use decent language in their speech keeping in mind the values of the topic and the aim of this Competition.
  • While recording the video make sure you put the camera at a stable position and then speak.
  • Reading form the paper is not allowed.
  • Make sure your speech is clearly audible and hand gestures visible

Registration Process:-

  1. Pay the registration fees at G-pay, Phone pe, Paytm number 8240721191 and take a screenshot and proceed to register link.
  2. Fill the details in the registration form and upload the screenshot of the payment.
  3. Send the video with your details at legalintelligence245.info@gmail.com or through WhatsApp on 6291295965/7049988053 latest by 9th july 2020.

Registration link:-

Contact Number

  • Priya Gupta: 6291295965
  • Rupam Banerjee:7364006404
  • Divyanshu Tiwari:7049988053

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