Current Affairs 09 June

  • Community spread in Delhi? Health minister Satyender Jain says source of 50% Covid cases untraceable

With the Delhi government in a huddle to assess whether Covid-19 has entered the community transmission phase in Delhi, Health Minister Satyendra Jain has said the source of infection for more than 50 per cent cases in the national capital remains untraceable. “The AIIMS director has spoken about community spread but the central government is not accepting it,” Delhi minister Satyendra Jain said on Tuesday. Satyendar Jain added, “We can say that [there is community spread] only when Centre admits it… Community spread is when there are cases in which source [of infection] cannot be ascertained… Almost half of our cases are like this.”

  • Coronavirus effect: US economy officially entered recession in February

The US economy ended its longest expansion in history in February and entered recession as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the private economics research group that acts as the arbiter for determining US business cycles said on Monday. US gross domestic product fell at a 4.8 per cent annualized rate in the first three months of the year. The outcome for the April to June period is expected to show an even worse annualized decline of perhaps 20 per cent or more. But growth may well recover from there, possibly making the current downturn not only among the sharpest but also among the shortest on record.

  • Trump’s troop cut in Germany blindsided senior US officials

President Donald Trump’s decision to cut US troop levels in Germany blindsided a number of senior national security officials, according to five sources familiar with the matter, and the Pentagon had yet to receive a formal order to carry it out, Reuters has learned. rump decided to remove 9,500 troops from Germany, one of America’s strongest allies, reducing the number there to 25,000 from 34,500, a senior U.S. official said on Friday. “It would be the ultimate kind of slap to Germany if they were rotated out of Germany and into Poland,” said a former senior U.S. official familiar with the matter, who requested anonymity in order to speak freely. “From their (Grenell’s and Mosbacher’s) point of view, the Germans were not playing ball and should be punished.”

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