Plea seeks to rename India as ‘Bharat’ or ‘Hindustan’

By Rajas Salpekar

The Supreme Court is set to hear a plea seeking the renaming of India to ‘Bharat’ or ‘Hindustan’ on June 2nd. The plea was earlier scheduled to be heard earlier but was cancelled due to non-availability of CJI bobde. The plea will now be heard by a bench headed by CJI Bobde.

The plea claims that such a renaming will instill a sense of ‘pride’ and ‘hegemony’ in Indians and will helps us get over the colonial past. This pea, filed by a Delhi-based businessman, argues that back in the days of constitution framing, there was strong support to name the country as ‘Bharat’.

The plea thus seeks a directive to the government to amend article 1 of the constitution and rename the country as ‘Bharat’ or ‘Hindustan’.

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