Exams to be conducted in Goa amidst the Pandemic : Bombay High Court

By Rajas Salpekar (Exams, Bombay High Court)

The Bombay on Wednesday has given a green signal for conducting the HSSC and SSC biard exminations to the Goa state government. A written permission from MHRD has also been sought declaring the same.  Advocate General of the state said that there was no ‘legal impediment’ now in holding the exams and further told that SSC exams will begin from 21st May whereas the remainder of HSSC  will take place from the 20th.

A petetiner, Frederik Vaz had challenged this decision of the decision claiming that it could risk the lives of these students, to which the AG replied by stating that the government has taken several mitigating measures like permitting only 12 students in one class and ensuring proper sanitization of classrooms.

Chief minister of the stae, pramod sawant welcomed the decision of the HC and said that mental stress regarding the fate of board exams, faced by the students is higher than the fear of corona and thus this decision was in the interest of students. The chief minister also said that all 40 cases in the state have been imported and there have been no reports of community transmission. Thus, it will be completely safe to conduct the exams.

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