PIL in SC to Set up a Mechanism to Check Fake News and Hateful, Seditious, Instigating Content on Twitter

By Ishaan Seth

Vinit Goenk, a BJP leader, has moved to the Supreme Court requesting the government to set up a mechanism in which we can check whether advertisements and paid content on Twitter is promoting hatred, sedition, etc or not. Due to absence of such mechanism many people are using social media platforms like Twitter challenging the unity, integrity and sovereignty of Union of India

Earlier a representation of the petitioner was made before the concerned authorities as well but no actions were taken on the front. The petition also says that Twitter has abated the act by accepting financial consideration and paid advertisements.

Citing examples of various terror groups such as ISIS, the petition further states that the Twitter has been used by the groups to avoid detection while spreading hate speeches. It is also submitted that various types of fake news and videos have been circulated through Twitter which eventually leads to communal strife and lot of these fake news makes their way through paid advertisements and as a result is further re-tweeted by thousands of people.

The petitioner invokes Articles 19 and 20 of the InternationalCovenant of Civil and Personal Life to make a case for such content being barred under the International law. The petitioner also states that such content violates the freedom of speech guaranteed under Article 19 (1) (a) as it promotes anti-India sentiment..

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