Current Affairs 19 May

  • Amit Shah speaks to Mamata Banerjee, Navin Patnaik; assures all help for super cyclone Amphan

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday spoke the chief minister of West Bengal and Odisha about the possible help that could be provided and measures to be taken to deal with the cyclone Amphan. The telephonic call with Banarjee and Patnaik assured the probable assisance from the central govt. The super cyclone is expected to cause etensive damage in the coastal reagion of the West Bengal with the heavy rainfall.

  • Priyanka’s office accuses UP govt of playing politics over Cong offer to provide buses for migrants

The demand of 1000 buses for ferrying the migrant workers stuck at the state borders have started the new war of words between the who parties. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra stated that this move of the Uttar Pradesh govt. is politically motivated. The letter by Sandeep Singh, Vadra’s personal secretary said that the demamd is completely a waste of time and resources and also inhuman and antti-poor mindset specially when thousands of workers are walking on streets. The state government had asked Priyanka Gandhi, who had made the offer, to provide it with a list of buses along with the names of their drivers and conductors.

  • Coronavirus Pushes Science and Its Controversies Centre Stage

Hydroxychloroquine, double-blind studies, convalescent plasma, herd immunity — the coronavirus pandemic has thrust the language of science into public view as never before. Having escaped the confines of the laboratory, these and other once-obscure terms are fast becoming part of household parlance. In a public health crisis that, to date, has infected nearly five million people and killed more than 315,000, “the rapid dissemination of relevant scientific knowledge is of paramount importance”. “There’s enormous pressure to publish in order to finance research,” said Anne-Marie Duguet, a specialist in medical ethics and health law at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse.

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