SC: COVID-19 Positive Prisoner Released on Temporary Bail to Undergo Treatment

By Sharvari Lohakare

On Friday, a prisoner in Jaipur jail has been granted temporary bail by the Supreme Court to undergo proper treatment after he tested positive for COVID-19. The division bench comprising Justices MM Shantanagoudar and RS Reddy ruled in the favour of the prisoner. The bench decided to release the prisoner on a temporary bail for a period of two months to make him receive proper treatment. It was clarified that the matter is not considered on merits of the case. The court ordered the prisoner to surrender himself before the Jail Authorities after the period of two months. The concerned Jail Superintendent has been asked to inform the required in charge of COVID-19 cases in the area in question. Further, the petitioner (prisoner) has been dictated to not come in contact with others to stop the spread of the contagious virus. The order also states that after the temporary period, upon surrender it is up to the petitioner to file application for bail afresh before the trial court. All other grounds are left open to be urged by all the parties.

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