Current Affairs 16 May

  • Veteran soldiers from the Indian & Pakistani armed forces join hands to ring in peace

Organised under the aiges of India Pakistan Soldiers Initiative(IPSI) organised an event callong for the ‘Paradigm shift in India-Pakistan relations’. The event was hosted by an Indian chapter consisiting of 18 Pakistani retired soldiers with their families. The combined delegation will be holdig key funtionaries before and more such events before getting back to respective governments with their agendas. Both the delegatories had the similar view of peace between the two countries. Pakistani Delegation even claimed that all the terror attacks in India are not planned by the Pak Army.

  • India’s role a key: Bill Gates thanks PM Modi after video-conference on Covid-19 situation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has video conferencing on Friday with Bill Gates. For which Bill Gates thanked the Prime Minister after the discussion on global respnse to the pandemic and how the the global coordination s important for fighting this pandemic with innovative and scientific methods. Dunring the video conferencing Mr. Modi epressed India’s willingness and capacity to to contribute to the global efforts. PM Narendra Modi also underlined the conscious approach that India has adopted in its fight against the health crisis.  

  • Covid-19: Italy to allow travel to and from abroad from June 3

Italy has been one of the most suffered countries from coronavirus with third-highest death toll in the world after USA and Britain. About 31,600 Italians have died due to covid-19. The govt. allowed the to and from abroad ravelling proposal after one of the most rigid lockdowns. Also citizns will be allowed to travel free across the country. The regions are allowed to reactivate all the sectors with precautionary measures. Shops and restaurants across the country are preparing to reopen under strict social distancing and hygiene rules, as recommended by health authorities.

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