Deploy special teams to check on pedestrian migrants : Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench

By Rajas Salpekar

The Bombay High Court has taken suo moto cognizance of the plight of migrants who have no option but to walk thousands of kilometers to reach their native village/town/cities. These  conditions not only raise a question on flagrant infringement of right to life and livelihood of these migrant laborers who don’t have any option but to walk down to their place but also increases the probability of spread of coronavirus.

Justice Madhav Jamdar, on Tuesday opined that special teams need to be deployed in either the district collector or the concerned police commissioner or superintendent of police about the number of stranded persons. The officials will then inform the Maharashtra State Road Transport Commission (MSRTC) about the location of these migrants and will request them to arrange a bus for their further transportation.

The court had also appointed Adv Deven Chauhan as amicus curiae who advised the court to identify certain points as bus stops and to enable bus availability on these stops. Adv Chauhan further asked the court to issue a directive demanding all collectors to erect medical checkpoints for these  migrants.

Adv Chauhan  also advised the court to ask the collectors to ensure provisions for erecting restrooms for these migrants on make-shift basis.

The Hon’ble Bombay High Court seeks to solve the issue of non-availability of transport for these migrants and will take to hearing again on May 15th 2020.

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