Current Affairs 14 May

  • Kerala govt to open 301 liquor shops, bookings to be done online to avoid crowding

The kerala govt. has decided to open the state- run liquor shops. The govt has decided to take up the necessary measures to void the over crowding as seen other states. The decided scheme is to take the orders on online portal and deliver the liquor to the door steps. The peries of the liquor in the state shall increase by 30-25% to meet the financial crises whereas the liquor sold in bars and holtels will be at the MRP only.

  • UN report predicts coronavirus to shrink world economy by 3.2%

According to the UN reports the world economy shall face the stroke of global economic output by nearly $8.5 trillion which is nearly about wipng out the profits of last 4 years. As state by the UN it is the greatest depression since 1930. The pandemic has caused the restrictions of large scale activities due to which the global economy stands still in the second quater of 2020. The future results of this financial crises is even more disturbing. It is said that about 34.4 million shall fall into the category of etreme poverty line of $1.90 a day in 2020.

  • Don’t ask me, ask China: Trump abruptly ends White House briefing after heated exchange with reporters

President Trump abruptly ends the news conference in thw White House on Monday. The questions asked by the repoters made the President furious. A repoter from CBS named Weijia Jiang when asked the Trump about his emphasis on the tests in the nation, even though the people are dying anyway and tested positive anyway. Trump replied that people all aroung the world are being tested positive and also stated that “ its a question you should ask to China. Don’t ask me. Go and ask China that question”. 

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