No money to distribute for advocates , let BCI decide : SC

May 1,2020

By Rajas Salpekar

Two advocates, Adv. Pawan Prakash Pathak & Adv. Alok Singh filed a plea for creation of a separate fund for financial aid of lawyers who have been rendered jobless after the courts have been shut and are entertaining only selected cases. 

The advocates had appealed to the Supreme Court to invoke Section 6 of the Advocates Act and create an ‘emergency fund’ for such advocates whose only means of earing livelihood had been snatched away after the courts had been shut. The petitioners also sated that though there had been relief funds by various state bar associations but they only catered  to the needs of those lawyers who were registered with state bar association(s), whereas the young lawyers who weren’t part of any bar association were left at the mercy of god.

But, the petitioners’ prayer went in vain as the SC bashed the petition by saying  that the Apex Court had no funds to give away.  Justice Ramanna alongside Justice Kaul who formed the Coram, iterated that the SC couldn’t create a separate category of lawyers in this unfortunate time of a pandemic when not only lawyers but also the advocates have been rendered jobless. 

Thus, the SC opined that it was the behest of BCI to take care of this issue and Ramanna J also said that many Bar Councils had started taking cognizance of the matter. 

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