Apex Court reprimands Prashant Bhushan and says that the institution is not a hostage to the government.

April 28,2020

By Rajas Salpekar

A three-judge bench comprising of Justice Kaul, Justice Gawai and Justice Ramanna by chastising him for not having faith in the Apex Court. The incident happened after senior advocate, Shri Prashant Bhushan contended that the Supreme Court was accepting various reports given by the government, relating to the pandemic, without due scrutiny.

The bench appeared vexed and irked at this remark of Shri Bhushan and affirmed that this institution was not a hostage to the government and if Mr. Bhushan didn’t have faith in the judiciary, he should not be present in front of the court.

 Thereafter, Shri Bhushan contented that he might be wrong but it was the opinion of several retired judges. Kaul J. then iterated that even the bench has several opinions but that doesn’t show a lack of faith in the justice-delivery system.Shri Bhushan then acceded to Kaul J.’s concern and accepted that it was not in any way a comment on the credibility of the institution. Kual J. again replied by chastising Prashant Bhushan for having said things which he should not have.

The tussle was then interrupted by Solicitor General, Shri Tushar Mehta, who assured that the government is in constant touch with the chief ministers to devise a plan to facilitate the movement of stranded laborers. The SC then gave a period of two months to the Centre to devise a plan and reply back.

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