Its a fight against something….




Today, we all are suffering from this pandemic situation of Coronavirus and for this rescue mission on one hand there are FRONTLINE WARRIORS who are fighting on the cost of risk of their life. And on the other hand there are attacks on these health workers and especially on Doctors.

In order to avoid such attacks, harassment against health workers President approves ordinance to serve justice to victims. Yesterday, Central Government released document of ordinance in which provisions for the punishment is explained.

While a backlash against doctors has been from Australia to Philippines, it’s proving more intense in India And on the other side of the coin, some responsible doctors, public who recognized their own responsibilities towards society are trying to make life more easy, some are utilizing this lockdown time, some are producing cheaper safety kits, etc.

In UP IAS Officer Arvind Singh creates PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in just cost of Rs. 490 and Indian Army already placed bulk orders for the same. Another positive news came up from the Sikar, Rajasthan that migrant labours from Gujarat, MP were quarantined took task of painting walls of school as a  gesture of thanks to local administration and people who were arranging food and materials for them.

These people are truly beautiful who are motivating us to inspire positive actions in order to build solidarity and integrate nation at large.

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