Plea to make telecom and online streaming services free during lockdown

April 17,2020

by Rajas Salpekar

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court to direct service providers like Reliance, Idea, Netflix, Amazon, Tata etc. to give all its online streaming service and cellular data packages for free during the lockdown imposed in lieu of the outbreak of Corona virus.

The petitioner, advocate Mohan Prakash, said that it was imperative for these services to be available to people for free to maintain their psychological health. The plea further states that right to life is inclusive of right to psychological well-being and hence it is recognized under Article 21 of the constitution.

The petitioner also cites examples of people who have been stranded in foreign cities apart from their family and also states that 3 people have also committed suicide due to fear of Corona virus which is a inextricably linked to surmounting psychological pressure. Hence, the petitioner sought guidelines from the court to the Centre and these service providers to invoke certain terms of agreements granted to them to provide content free of cost to users.

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