SC refuses to entertain Homeo doctor’s plea to explore alternate medicines for COVID-19

April 16,2020

by Tanya Vashistha

The Supreme Court on Wednesday would not engage a supplication looking for the bearings to the specialists to investigate prospects of exchange of Unani and homeopathic drugs to treat pandemic COVID-19.

A seat headed by Justice N.V. Ramana was told by the insight for applicant, a specialist of homeopathy,   that since there was no prescription or treatment accessible for novel corona virus, interchange unani and homeopathic drugs might be investigated.

In any case the seat additionally involving justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and B.R. Gawai, said :

“Crown is another infection. We can’t try around. Let specialists think of immunization.”

The seat at that point excused the PIL documented by Dr. C.R. Sivaram on the issue which was heard through video gathering. A Public Interest Litigation spending in the high court of kerala looking for consent to rehearse homeopathy comparable to COVID-19 according to the warning given by the Union Ministry of AYUSH.

On April 11, 2020, a seat including Justices A.K. Jayasankaran Nambiar and Shaji P. Chali had looked for explanation from the legislature on any forbiddance against homeopathic specialists from rehearsing their arrangement of medication comparable of COVID-19.

The solicitor before Kerala High Court, M S Vineeth, expressed that AYSH ministry had prompted homeopathy as a preventive solution for COVID-19. Notwithstanding that, home specialists are confronting denial in the state, presented the solicitor.

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