by Aashima Raj Trivedi


Law can be said as the system of rules, which gives an individual his privileges and obligations, discusses powers and elements of organs of the administration, upheld by sanctions and is a lawful order.

 Litigation can be alluded to as an act of indicting a case to determine a question or accuse somebody of a wrongdoing. Litigation lawyers will work in meeting with their clients and speak to their case and eventual benefits to the court, with either a judge or a jury to get their client a good result.

While, Corporate Law deals for the formation of corporations and in interaction with various levels of government, operate under a series of state and federal laws in each country. Corporate attorney helps to ensure that the corporation is operating within these laws. They deals with contracts, tax areas, competition laws and more.

Dilemma Continues

Of the 75 understudies whom will move on from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore in 2014, just 5 to 10 expects to take up prosecution, as indicated by the college’s enlistment coordination panel. The rest wanted to join Corporate Law offices or the lawful divisions of corporate houses where they will be occupied with drafting, understandings for mergers and acquisitions and so on.

Corporate Law  When there is, an economic growth Corporate Law can be preferred.In addition, it gives salary, additional perquisites, chances to get good exemplary knowledge, development etc.  Attorneys are under a control. They are not allowed to make their own decisions, compelled to work on the set guideline and can be asked to work overnight.  
Litigation  Litigators generally stay employed in all economies as it gives us name and fame and there is more litigation jobs than other one.  It takes years to build a career in litigation.It takes time to build a goodwill. Hard work is being required to establish name as an individual lawyer.  

Increasing Trend Of Litigation

However, there is an incredible growth within the dispute resolution space. Due to this, tons of labour is being generated on company litigation and arbitration side. As there are various options available within the legal market, it becomes easy for experienced lawyer to transfer the respective skill sets and expertise from one domain to different. There is an increased trend of litigation lawyers doing better.          


In conclusion, it can be said that, there are both positive and negative factors in Corporate and Litigation. The most risky area, according to the writer, of this profession is being a corporate attorney. When a marketplace for corporate lawyer becomes bad, the economy gets low. However, litigation is additionally limited, thanks to the very fact, it is so difficult to travel in-house, which many lawyers want to try. Owing to recessionary trends within the economy, there is a slowdown of corporate law firms.

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