by Garima Jargar

Criminal offense due to misfortune is a topic, which has both societal as well as economical perspective. It is mandatory to show the situation of India with respect to opportunities, which has been provided to the people and how much it has to be given to the public. On this existence and engagement, it will be discussed about the inefficiency of possibilities, which can cause immense criminal activities, which still have many elements exist in the modern as well as historic society.

Misconception is that- modern society is more vulnerable for advancement of economy by procuring many opportunities for the benefit as compared with the ancient society. The main reason of having minimum and lack of efficient chance was may be because the society was not that advanced and as all the activity was not performed the way, it is performed in the present time. However, as the world started to move from revolutionary period to evolutionary world, people started to adopt every modern techniques for the growth of opportunities, here opportunities can be termed in economic, social, political, educational and emotional sense.

Further, as per the recent statistics and transformation- our Government has provided with empowerment, urbanising the rural population, enhancing the manufacturing skills, digital wave and potential of poverty. However, due to dense population this awareness is still under progress and never has reached to the sustain public. Sometimes providing immense and few numbers of opportunities both led to serious criminal activities, which cause public offences that automatically leads to huge and wide destruction of the society as well as normal public. Now, if there is a discussion regarding the various probability of providing the optimal level of opportunities in every sector it will be termed as unattainable element of the economy, because it will be never fully achieved by the administrative department.

The intention of sharing this information was based on empirical way of research, as there are many surveys, which has been conducted by many statutory departments. It shows that in spite of been having a good position people take bribe or are involved in many criminal activities either for maintaining their existing position or sustain their status in the society, and the people who have no facilities even in a minimum level then to fulfil the basic need and necessities of the family an individual starts to participant in violative venture. If the conditions of the working class and labour class goes down, they are been provided with funds not the employment opportunity. Various types of chances, which should be given to the public can, also led to growth and development of people as well as country, which can simultaneously uplift the status, and orientation of the economy.

So, for the enhancement and providing with all the defined level of possibility and reducing the level of crimes which is been taken place in our country there will not be a permanent solution because of fluctuating population growth but there can be few measure which can cause a drastic change in the society as well as legal perspective. It can be solved in different ways like-

  1. Developing the rural & slum area.
  2. Seasonal labour should be provided without having any discrimination irrespective of any criteria which is defined under various Articles of the Indian Constitution from 14-18.
  3. There should be at least one member engage in any of the defined three sectors.

It is not compulsory that there will be full eradication of the crime but it can be reduced for a minimum level.

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